Motor Vehicle Accidents

Starting 1 July 2016, anyone who sustains serious personal injuries in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland may be eligible to receive necessary and reasonable lifetime treatment, care and support under the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland.

The Scheme is administered by the National Injury Insurance Agency Queensland and help participants achieve their individual goals, maximise their independence and participate in the community.

Who is eligible?

From July 1 2016, anyone who sustains a serious personal injury in a motor vehicle… read more.

What we pay for

The Scheme provides necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for… read more.

How to apply

Most people seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland will… read more.

About the levy

Queenslanders pay for the Scheme via a levy in conjunction with… read more.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Walking Together illustrates how NIISQ will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who sustain …. read more.

Using the scheme

After you apply and have been accepted as a participant… read more.

Your contact at the Agency

Your support planner… read more.

Support Plan

Your support plan is tailored to… read more.


Information about the review process… read more.

Information sheets

Overview, eligibility, treatment, care and support… read more.

Scenario Sheets

Scenarios to help explain what treatment, care and support is paid for OR not paid for… read more.


Frequently asked questions… read more.