Accessing the Scheme

After you apply and have been accepted as a participant in the Scheme, we will pay for necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support related to your motor vehicle accident injuries for the first two years.

Towards the end of those two years you will be assessed to see if you are eligible to become a lifetime participant.

For information about how to become a participant in the Scheme, see How to apply.

Generally, hospital staff will contact us (with your consent) while you are still in their care if they think you might be eligible for the Scheme. We will then assign a support planner who will be your main point of contact at the Agency.

While you are in hospital, your support planner may:

  • Make contact with you or your treating team and discuss our services and the support the Agency provides
  • Provide information about eligibility and how to apply
  • Regularly contact you and your hospital team to monitor your progress
  • Work with you and your hospital treatment providers to plan for your return home
  • Coordinate, approve and pay for injury-related services (e.g. equipment, home modifications, rehabilitation or attendant care) required when you return home
  • Help develop your support plan to assist you live at home and participate in your community (e.g. rehabilitation, attendant care, equipment and home modifications).

Your support planner will then work with you to make sure you receive the treatment, care and support you require.

If your needs change over time, your support planner will work with you to determine any changes required to your treatment, care and support.