Support Plan

Once you are a participant in the Scheme, your support planner will work closely with your and your service providers to develop your own support plan. This will be tailored to your goals and needs and will take into consideration your unique and personal circumstances.

It places you at the centre of the decision-making process, to maximise your independence and dignity. We will collaborate with you to help you make informed decisions regarding your personal circumstances and goals.

Your support planner will work with you to develop a support plan tailored to your unique and personal circumstances, and your goals.

Collaboration and informed decision-making are central to the Scheme and will be achieved by providing evidence-based treatment, care and support options which suit your individual requirements.

Your support planner will meet with you regularly and help you to review your support plan, and identify any new goals and supports you need.

They will help you access funding for necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support required to achieve your goals.